Fondazione Leone Moressa (FLM) is a research institute based in Venice (Italy) and dedicated to the study of the economics of immigration. It has been created in 2002 by the initiative of the Artisans and Small Businesses Association of Mestre (CGIA) with the purpose of conducting analyses and studies on the presence of foreign people at local, regional and national level.

The method adopted by FLM is the result of an efficient mix between the Quantitative analysis (data analysis, analysis of statistical records, processing of official banks databases, simulation of actual cases) and the Qualitative research (interviews with operators representative samples, telephone interviews, face to face interviews, surveys, opinion panels, focus groups, deliberative democracy).

FLM has acquired specific qualifications in many areas related to the economics of immigration, such as the analysis related to the flows of remittances towards the foreign countries, the foreign labor market dynamics, the quantification of the incomes and the wages of the immigrants, the study of the entrepreneurial phenomenon, the poverty of the foreign families, the demographic dynamics.

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